Installation (Obsolete)

WARNING: This section considered obsolete - Fyrox 0.25+ has project generator that handles installation for you. This section is intended to be used only if you're using the engine as a framework!

Since the engine is distributed as a library, it has to be added to [dependecies] section of Cargo.toml of your project to start using it, there is no pre-built executables or library files. If you don't know what is Cargo.toml or cargo, please read this before continue.

Using stable version

To begin using the engine, just add following lines to your Cargo.toml:

fyrox = "^0.27"

This will force Cargo to use the latest stable version of the engine.

Using latest unstable version

Sometimes you want to use the latest features that are not yet released in a stable version, then you can use the engine directly from its repository, simply add the following line to your Cargo.toml:

fyrox = { git = "" } 

This will update your build files fairly often. If you don't want game breaking changes to occur because of engine updates or want to not compile daily, change fyrox = { git = "" } to fyrox = { git = "", rev = "" } with the commit hash in the quotes.

Editor installation

The engine offers an editor, to install a standalone version it, use cargo install:

cargo install fyroxed

Standalone version does not allow you to run your game inside it, but only allows you to edit scenes.

After that you can run the editor with a single command:


Check the next chapter to create a simple application.