Fyrox Game Engine Book

Practical reference and user guides for Fyrox Game Engine and its editor FyroxEd.

⚠️ Tip: If you want to start using the engine as fast as possible - read this chapter.

Warning: The book is in early development stage, you can help to improve it by making a contribution in its repository. Don't be shy, every tip is helpful!

Engine Version

Fyrox Team is trying to keep the book up-to-date with the latest version from master branch. If something does not compile with the latest release from crates.io, then you need to use the latest engine from GitHub repo.

How to read the book

Almost every chapter in this book can be read in any order, but we recommend reading Chapters 1, 2, 3 (they're quite small) and then going through Platformer Tutorial (2D) while learning more about specific areas that interest you from the other chapters. There is also a First-Person Shooter Tutorial (3D) and RPG Tutorial (3D).

API Documentation

The book is primarily focused on game development with Fyrox, not on its API. You can find API docs here.

Required knowledge

We're expecting that you know basics of Rust programming language, its package manager Cargo. It is also necessary to know the basics of the game development, linear algebra, principles of software development and patterns, otherwise the book will probably be very hard for you.

Support the development

The future of the project fully depends on community support, every bit is important!

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